ESTRALLS is a workshop that started in 1989 in Canet de Mar.
We are two craftsmen:

artist specialised in stained glass techniques, and mural painting.
He is in charge of the design and the decoration of glass.

Craftsman specialised in traditional stained glass techniques and restoration. He builds up the stained glass works,(seals with lead and cuts glass) He is also responsible of the commercial and representative management. Other professionals such as decorators, architects, artists and techniques collaborate with us in certain occasions

All our work is professionally made, using the most modern means and tools, but respecting the artisan tradition.

We guarantee that each design is unique and original, we do not repeat any of them.

The design is always based on the needs of our client.

We are happy to listen to your own suggestions and ideas!

According to the size and technique used, we can adapt it to suit different budgets. We do not charge for the project or travelling expenses within the area of El Maresme. We generally charge a 40% when you confirm the project and the rest when the work is finished.